Chiefs Of Air Staff (CAS) Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria visited Bengaluru flew a Su-30MKI to witness the capability enhancement on the jet that has received Software upgrades that were carried out by the Aircraft & Systems Testing Establishment & software engineers of Software Development Institute. But since no details about the Software capability enhanced were provided this generated lot of curiosity with some speculation that this was the commencement of the Super-Sukhoi program that could involve major hardware and system upgrade not limiting it just to the software enhancement.

But the visit of CAS and flight test by him on the Su-30 got Software capability enhanced was significant enough that mandated visit of the Chief himself to check the performance. Software Development Institute (SDI) is an independent in-house software development and upgrade facility of the IAF that was established to integrate new weapons and systems into the IAFs Fight aircraft.

SDI is unique and only one of its kind among the Asian Air Force that is developing special software for the integration of the Indian and Imported weapons system. SDI is also in charge of developing and upgrading existing avionic software. SDI has worked previously on the integration of VOR/ILS/TACAN on SU-30K aircraft. SDI properly has started clearing the final version of the software that will enable integration of Indian-made weapons systems like Astra Mk1, RudraM-1, Astra Mk2, and BrahMos-A.

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