Russia on July 20 at the MAKS airshow unveiled its new Sukhoi stealth fighter jet, “The Checkmate”, designed to compete with the US-made F-35, and soon after it was disclosed by Russian officials that the aircraft already had got an Asian country has its first launch customer leading to speculation of India being on the possible client of the aircraft. A senior official with airforce confirmed to that no such offer has been made to India through any official channels yet but Russia continues to offer its Mig-35 and Su-35 jets in India’s fighter jet requirement.

Indian Air Force (IAF) fighter requirement for 114 jets has no new entry. Teaser promo video of the latest Russian offering just before its official unveiling had shown that India was its intended target for export. IAF delegation at the MAKS airshow did visit the “The Checkmate” stall at the venue as did all participating countries of the airshow but there is no official confirmation if IAF got separate briefings on the program.

“The Checkmate” will be promoted to India in the coming days and it likely will make it to India’s premier defense and airshows planned for next year.

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