Left-leaning Newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ ran a lead story about the protests that are taking place in Kerala with the activists of Sangh Parivar trying to enforce a shutdown. The story began with the direct attack on Sangh-Parivar against their hooliganism in the state over the entry of women in Sabrimala temple but instantly wondered around why devotees didn’t get same treatment as a Kashmir Stone pelters who are usually engaged to let Kashmir terrorists escape from encounter side.

The story was shared on social networking websites by India’s prominent journalists and political leaders besides people from Kashmir and has gone viral among Kashmiri who sympathies with Kashmir terrorists. Mocking and comparing two different scenario’s by ‘The Telegraph’ has left many Netizens furious since law and order in Kerala has not deteriorated enough for people to be killed by Police.

It’s not the first time, Left-leaning Journalists have tried to compare two different scenarios and try to criticize Army and supported Kashmir Stone Pelter’s, NDTV Anchor Nidhi Razdan had tweeted why Pellet guns were not used when supporters of Sirsa Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim went on a rampage in several parts of North India after the self-styled godman was convicted in a rape case.

Within few hours of her Tweet, 30 Protesters were shot dead and again
Netizens asked if same had happened in Kashmir , Whole left-leaning media could have called it a massacre and free-lance Anti-India intellectual mafia could have called for UN Interventions if same had taken place in Kashmir.