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Plans to delay the rollout of the Tejas MkII Prototype to cater to demands of higher indigenous content will not affect the start of the production claimed Dr. V Madhusudana Rao, LCA Mk2 Project Director at Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA). has been told that production will start from 2028 onwards as IAF is no longer insisting on IOC or FOC standards anymore as both have agreed on a basic standard.

Rao claims that production aircraft will start deliveries after clearance of basic weapons trials on the jets that include BVRAAMs, CCMs, and 2-3 types of PGMS, Bombs, a standard that is been followed the world over. Other additional weapons that will be part of the aircraft will be added while squadrons are being formed from 2028-2032 when most of the weapons will be tested and cleared for operational usage.

From 2028 onwards, HAL along with its Tier partners will be gearing for annual production capacities of 24 aircraft as the ambitious challenge is to deliver aircraft with indigenous content at 90% from the very start.

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