Indigenous content in India’s upcoming Tejas MkII will breach 75% Mark with a roadmap being prepared for further indigenization so that it crosses the 80% mark while it’s in production. State-owned HAL is trying to source most of the components and equipment for the jet locally thus creating a new ecosystem even though they are freely available from foreign suppliers. has been told that idea is to reduce dependency on foreign suppliers for minor components and boost indigenous content in the aircraft to avoid distribution of supplies in case of sanctions or pandemic lockdowns.

HAL had to slow down LCA-Tejas FOC standard production due to lockdowns in supplier countries due to which HAL has taken a call to further indigenization of components also in Tejas Mk1A aircraft. As of 2022 indigenous content in the Tejas Mark 1 is 59.7% by value and 75.5% by the number of lines replaceable units, Tejas Mk1A will breach the 65% mark when it enters production and over the years more components will be locally made like its Quartz Nose Cone and LRUs.

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