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India’s upcoming Tejas Mk2 fighter jet will enter production and IAF Squadron, While having no less than Five weapons systems that will be initially cleared for the aircraft program as per information coming just before the much anticipated Aero India 2023.

Wing-tip Close Combat Missiles (CCM) which is likely to be ASRAAM, and Two Beyond Visual Range Air to Air missiles which are likely to be Astra Mk1 and Mk2 along with that they will get Smart bombs like SAAW and Lizard laser-guided bombs as weapons initially when it joins IAF.

IAF and ADA have decided that other weapons will be added at Squadron levels and cleared for operational usage in multiple phases over the next 5 years after induction begins around 2028-29 onwards.

ADA plans to conduct the first flight of Tejas Mk2 by December 2024 and the last two years (2026-27) will be used to clear this 4-5 weapon system, so that it enters production with a basic weapons package and is combat worthy.

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