ADA Chief speaking with India Tv also has confirmed that IAF has committed to procure six squadrons of Tejas MkII aircraft when it is ready for induction and as per IAF’s requirements, more squadrons will be ordered in the second batch.

idrw has been told that 4 squadrons might be procured in the second batch that will have some technological upgrades over the previous batches to reduce obsolescence in the aircraft but things will get clear only in the mid-half of 2035 when the order placed for six squadrons will be nearing completion.

HAL is planning to maintain a 21 aircraft production rate per year for the Tejas MkII aircraft when it enters production in 2028-29 after completion of its developmental trials that will commence sometime by end of 2023 onwards. Present Mig Complex at Nashik will be converted to cater to the manufacturing of the Tejas MkII aircraft.

The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) also has decided to stick with the right-side mounted fixed in-flight refueling probe for the upgraded Tejas MkII program and seems to have dropped plans to have a full retractable Refueling Probe that was initially planned for the type after consultation with the IAF. Fixed in-flight refueling probes are still a plug-and-play system that can be removed if it is not required for specific missions.

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