With the completion of the critical design review (CDR) and Rollout of the first aircraft now being planned by end of 2022 to be followed with the commencement of Low Speed and High-Speed Taxi Trials in 2023, the first Public appearance of the aircraft will come sooner then later has HAL plans to showcase the first aircraft at the Aero India 2023 for the first time to the General public as revealed by Dr. Anantha Krishnan of Tarmak Media House recently.

Tejas MkII will be part of the Static aircraft on display park display on the Tarmac at the Aero India 2023, a biennial air show and aviation exhibition to be held in Bengaluru, India at the Yelahanka Air Force Station. Depending on the Low Speed and High-Speed Taxi Trials in the earlier part of 2023, HAL will decide if the first flight can be concluded before the end of 2023. HAL plans to complete developmental trials of the 17.5 ton Tejas aircraft by 2027-28 and enter into production the following year.

Tejas MkII is a Mirage-2000 Class fighter jet that HAL along with ADA of DRDO is developing for the Indian Air Force (IAF) that will be powered by a Single 98-kN thrust class GE supplied F-414 engine. IAF is looking to procure nearly 170 Tejas MkII to replace Mirage-2000, Mig-29, and Jaguar combat jet fleet from 2030 onwards starting with Jaguar fleet that retires by 2034.

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