A Tejas Mk2 integrated wind tunnel model that was displayed at the 63rd Nal Foundation Day Celebrations On 5th June 2022 where DRDO chief. Dr. G Satheesh Reddy was the main guest has aroused curiosity since the air take design displayed seems to have angled backward and the position of the air intake seems to have been revised much forward of the main wing and closer to the canopy section.

The above image of the 1:10 scale Tejas Mk2 integrated wind tunnel model displayed at the Aero India 2019 for the first time and the lower Tejas Mk2 IWT clearly shows that not only the air intake positioning has been changed but also seems to feature now canted air intake that is angled backward.

Now referring to the above image that was seen in the tender documents it is the same as seen on the new Tejas Mk2 integrated wind tunnel model. Aero India 2021 scale model showcased below had an Infrared search and track technology (IRST) sensor system that was earlier seen on the left side of the scale model and was now been moved to the right side of the nose of the aircraft.

Tejas Mk2 was also seen with a Spill duct just over the wing, to reduce airflow at subsonic speeds, which was missing in the previous scale model . An in-flight refueling probe was also positioned further away from the cockpit.

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