Indian state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has issued fresh tenders for the construction of new hangars that can accommodate Tejas Mk2 pre-production aircraft that are under fabrication near its Bangalore facility. HAL has plans to manufacture at least 5 pre-production Tejas Mk2 that will be used extensively for development flight trials and a hangar facility to be under construction will be used to accommodate them.

HAL is planning to roll out the first Tejas Mk2 aircraft by year-end and has been told that the first flight might be preponed and might happen in August 2023 if Low speed and High-Speed Taxi Trials are concluded by June next year.

HAL received a new AESA Uttam Mk2 Fire Control Radar that was fabricated for the Tejas Mk2 program with a higher transmit and receive (TR) module than its predecessor and has begun mandatory testing of the new system that is based on the Uttam Mk1 developed for the Tejas Mk1A fleet. Uttam Mk1 has completed all developmental trials both airborne and ground and soon will enter production but it will be made available on the Tejas Mk1 fleet only on the last 50 jets out of 73 orders that were placed by Indian Air Force last year.

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