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Two Squadrons of Tejas Mk1 fighter jets that are operational with the Indian Air Force (IAF) will eventually be upgraded to the M1A standard which comes with a host of improvements and other features to make it a baseline standard across the fleet when IAF starts inducting 73 Tejas Mk1A fighter jets that were ordered in 2021 from 2024 onwards.

The First Squadron of Mk1 fighter jets that were inducted by the No. 45 Squadron IAF (Flying Daggers) became operational in July 2016, based at Sulur Air Force Station in Coimbatore is also due for major servicing in 2023 on completion of nearly 8 years of in service.

Upgrades from Mk1 to Mk1A might not happen immediately but sometime in 2025-26 when the production line of the LCA Division is in full swing and components and sub-systems for the Mk1A will be available in greater units.

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