Tejas Mk1 diagram belonging to HAL is seen with an advanced cockpit that houses a Wide Area Display (WAD) and a Head-Up Display (HUD) with a Centre stick. Tejas Mk1 features three 76mm × 76mm colour liquid crystal multifunction displays developed by Bharat Electronics and it was decided that same will also be carried forward on the Tejas Mark 1A aircraft.

Wide Area Display (WAD) with touchscreen functionality was to be used for better situational awareness and enhanced experience first on the LCA-LIFT and later on the Tejas MkII fighter jets but LCA-LIFT and Mk2 will feature side-stick controls and not Centre stick as seen in the above image confirming it’s for the Mark 1A program.

It’s not clear if HAL has decided to equip Mark 1A aircraft with the Wide Area Display (WAD) or if it was to be equipped on older Mk1 Prototypes to be used as a test bed to test the Wide Area Display (WAD) that will be later be used on the Mk2 program.

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