Significant progress has been made in the assembly of the first Tejas Mk2 aircraft including validation of the flight control software for the program, while HAL continues to procure ground tools for assembly of the fuselage of the new jet, a ceremonial rollout that was already being pushed from August this year to December might happen sometime in January next year that might see a public display of a full-scale mock-up Mk2 at Aero India 2023 that will happen next year in February.

With deliveries of LCA Mk1 nearing completion, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is focusing on the LCA MK-1A program and plans the rollout of the first Flying Test Bed by end of May this year followed by the first flight in June, which will keep HAL busy for another year to come since it has a tight delivery schedule for the program.

Mk2 will commence Low speed and High-speed taxi trials in August or September 2023 and if most of the pre-flight tests are demonstrated under safety margins then the first flight might take place by December or early 2024. HAL has planned to manufacture 5 Mk2 aircraft that will be exclusively used for flight and developmental trials of the new aircraft before it is cleared for production sometime in 2029-30.

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