Girish Deodhare, chief of the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has confirmed that ADA and HAL were asked by IAF to develop Tejas Mark 1A with capabilities and technology which will make it superior to the entire fleet of Pakistan Air force (PAF) including F-16 Block-52 and JF-17 Block-III with five new additional capabilities.

Tejas Mark 1A will be getting an AESA radar, air-to-air refueling capability, an external ECM pod, and improved avionics, aerodynamics, radar signature, ease of maintenance, etc. But Mark 1A will also be getting new and improved Digital flight control computer (DFCC) which was developed for the Mark 2 (MWF) program which significantly comes with a higher processing power thus allowing to add many more advanced capabilities in the quadruplex digital fly-by-wire Flight Control System (FCS).

Due to upgraded DFCC now, Mark 1A will also be getting Smart multi-function displays, better friend or foe (IFF) system along with digital map generator and an improved radio altimeter. Mark 1A which is a stop-gap measure between Mark 1 and Mark 2 is benefiting a lot from Mark 2 program and will share not only DFCC but also many avionics and even the radar with the aircraft.

Mark 1A will also be getting upgraded Weapons system and will come equipped with Israeli Derby and Indian Astra BVRAAM along with ASRAAM and supersonic BrahMos-NG air to surface missile system when it is ready among other weapons like SAAW (smart Anti-Airfield Weapon). HAL also plans to integrate more additional capabilities at regular intervals due to the advantages of working on the super-30 program at later stages.


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