Retd. Commodore Jaideep Maolankar (Mao) who headed LCA Navy flight test units peaking to Dr. Anantha Krishnan Tarmak Media House gave his opinion on the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) said that the aircraft that will come out in 2030 has to be better than aircraft that came out 30 years ago (Rafale M) not only in terms of technology but also leap in technologies that are currently underway in fighter aircraft development world over.

Mao said even though TEDBF is a 4th Gen fighter aircraft program it has to incorporate technologies that leap over existing technologies even if aircraft is of the same generation and supported incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will not only help pilots in aerial combats but also in executing weapon-carrying drones towards its target. who spoke to Defence Expert Ranesh Rajan said that the TEDBF program will borrow most of its technology from India’s AMCA Program that includes most of its avionics and even a new 110kN Class engine that will be developed by 2029. TEDBF not only should surpass most of the deck-based aircraft presently in production but also cater to the next-gen technology so that it can face a 5th gen deck-based fighter aircraft.

Rajan added that as per ADA schedule AMCA, a 5th generation platform will commence its first flight by 2024 and the 4th gen TEDBF in 2026 so the possibility of reverse flow of technology exists that includes a lot of 5th gen technology like Integrated vehicle monitoring system (IVHM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automated takeoff and landing (ATOL) and Auto air-to-air refueling (Auto AAR) system that are in works of the AMCA program.

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