Recently an article published on a prominent international newspaper where an author precisely narrated China’s intentions behind Galwan Valley clash & the current ongoing stand-off along LAC. If we simplify Chinese narrative “China wants India to curtail strategic military partnership with USA, Withdraw from Indo-Pacific group, QUAD, LSA, COMCASA & abrogate Military exercises with US military including Malabar exercise. India should endorse Chinese leadership & hegemony in South Asia & succumb its sovereignty over Gilgit-Baltistan & POK by joining OBOR (CPEC). RCEP, gives up Arunachal Pradesh if it doesn’t want to get hurt by China on Himalayas.

Chinese doesn’t like India to be a competitor to them in near future which would pose a security threat to their interest in South Asia as well as in Indian Ocean. Therefore, a weak India makes china play their game in comfort zone. As Chinese believe themselves belong to a superior race, they want Indian PM to bow his head down before their supreme leader to accept their legacy like former PM Manmohan Singh did. India should make CPC happy even it takes to sign free trade agreement with them& hand over 100% FDI to Chinese companies in all 9 major core sectors so that communist can exploit India’s natural resources”.

But Chinese dream was crushed on 15th June, their evil design on Galwan valley was countered by our soldiers gallantly. PLA faced the fury of Indian army & got the taste of their own medicine by messing up with a wrong country. However, Chinese haven’t yet given up. If they have given up, they would have withdrawn two mechanized division from Askai Chin &Xinjang area. Asthey have learnt lesson from doklam stand-off in 2017, if they give up now, it will be outrageous for PLA to show its face to CPC. They are further rattled by India’s banning of 100+ their apps & putting embargo on Chinese companies in participating infrastructure projects in India.

As Chinese fear, US could come to India’s support militarily& engage its Naval fleet with PLAN on SCS if war breakout with India on Himalayas, it could be disastrous for China. So, at this Moment, China is testing the Wind & there is a maximum probability that launching military assault on India will take place during US elections. When there will be no leadership in US that time, it would handy for china to teach a lesson to India like in 1962.

Then, India will have only one option left to fight the war & make sure the world to recognize what Indians are capable of when it comes to protecting their Motherland. To counter China’s offensive, India will have to carry out its offensive defence formations with numbers of SEAD & DEAD strike missions to pulverize PLAAF bases across LAC. As China has 90 days strategic oil reserves, blocking Malacca straits won’t have a major impact on Chinese economy for this period. But, PLA will make swift offences across Indian border to wound India at first bite so that it won’t get up to hurt them again. Their goal will be to hit India hard & forced her to admit defeat so that china would stand unchallenged in Asia & Malacca straits would get unblocked as soon as possible

In Kargil war, India was able to wipe out entire Northern Light infantry of Pakistan army which was quite embarrassing for Pakis & they have not attempted another Kargil type assault since then.Taking lessons from past, Indian military will have to exterminate Western command of Chinese military. PLA Western command hosts nearly 2.5Lakh soldiers & 200-250 fighters including bombers. IAF’s carrying out 6000 Sorties in 24 hours can not only vanish PLAAF from Tibet & Xinjiang but also dig the graves for PLA soldiers on barren Tibetan plateau. The more Swift response we have, the success rate will be high in the battle even if IAF loses 20-30% of its offensive assets during strike. Chinese will keep counting coffins for their soldiers unless they admit defeat. So,

You have to hit them hard until Communists realize the consequences of confronting such a nation which had never surrendered to invading forces like Arabs, Turks, Persians, British, and Portuguese in past, reclaimed its land & freedom in spite of getting bled through lakhs of cuts & now stands as largest democracy of the world with over 1.1 billion followers of Sanatan Dharma. So, India has the responsibility to make china smell the tea & stops behaving like stubborn.


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