It all took a fake tweet from Pakistani twitter handle to create a celebratory atmosphere on the other side of the border and soon talks about ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ was most talked about thing among Pakistani social media accounts some even volunteering to fight for the liberation of Kashmir and their delusional ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ against India until Taliban clarified that tweet saying Taliban will attack India after Ramzan was fake and they have no interests to interfere in the Indian affairs especially Kashmir.

Taliban have not evolved into a political movement and have remained a jihadi force but it knows that many people of Afghanistan still consider India has a friend more than Pakistan that they will agree to join to fight against India. While the Taliban will want to pretend to keep peace with India and not interfere in matters of India, but that it is no assurance they won’t provide logistical support to the proxy war which Pakistan has been waging for the last three decades against India in Kashmir.

Border areas of Afghanistan that are under Taliban influence have seen a spurt of Pakistani terror organizations setting up camps to train recruits for operations in Kashmir and once American troops are withdrawn these camps will likely move much deeper like they were before invasion of Afghanistan by the US and Nato Troops. The United States has asked India to have direct talks with the Taliban so that security concerns which India has of Afghan soil being used for Kashmir terror activities can be addressed.

India can’t make sure that Afghan soil is not used by Pakistan to train terrorists for Kashmir but direct talks between India and the Taliban can help contain heavy Pakistan influence if India continues to work in infra projects in Afghanistan like it has been doing for last two decades and works to create a soft image in eyes of locals which already see India has a great friend.

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