Running low on funds, the Pakistani military calls for Truce on Line of Control (LOC) with the Indian Military rather was much to do with the escalating cost of the operations and ammunitions along the LOC than for desire for peace with India. Indian Army’s counter fire, along with the advancement of firepower provided to the troops as come borne for India and a headache for the Pakistani Army.

Pakistani journalist and geopolitical analyst Najam Sethi has claimed that the cost of routine firepower towards the Indian Army was taking a toll on the budget of the Pakistani military that is already under crisis due to the staggering defense budget for the last few years, but high inflation in the county has forced it military for a marginal pay rise while the budget more or less remains the same. Sethi claimed that truce is tactical to save cost and reduce ammunition usage since the Indian Army can afford this cross-firing but it was taking a toll on the Pakistani Army reserves and budget.

Moeed Pirzada another Pakistani journalist and geopolitical analyst has claimed that ammunitions worth 1 billion rupees were consumed by the Pakistani Army troops that were deployed at the LOC with the Indian Army. He also claimed the rate of fire from the Indian Army was twice that of the Pakistani Army and India might have spent 2 billion rupees worth of ammunitions just at the LOC, but India can afford it we can’t.

From 2019 and in 2020, Ceasefire violations from the Pakistani Army across the whole Line of Control (LOC) have seen a massive spike over the years and have broken all previous breach records of Ceasefire violations from both sides. It was a war of brinkmanship and Pakistan Army blinked first, Pakistani military wanted to put pressure on the Indian Army after India removed Article 370 and 35A but couldn’t sustain it for too long. both the Director-General of Military Operations (DGMO) of India and Pakistan agreed to “fully implement” the ceasefire pact of 2003 in “letter and spirit” earlier this year.

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