Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) developed Stealth Wing Flying Testbed (SWiFT) recently completed its first flight that will validate many of the technology that will be used in near future for the development of an Indian Strike Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ISUAV). ADE plans 10 more test flights of the SWiFT some without the tail that was seen in the first flight to validate many of the technologies.

ADE plans to windup all flight tests planned for SWiFT and start preparing a detailed proposal for the development of ISUAV that will be powered by Dry Kaveri engine generating 46kN class of Thrust that GTRE plans to complete certification by 2024 and enter production in 2026 onwards.

ADE and Indian Air Force (IAF) plan to jointly work out an agreeable configuration so that ISUAV can become reality by 2030. has been told that the ISUAV will have a wingspan bigger than Tejas Mk1A and will be able to carry a decent internal payload of 1-1.5tons with a 46kN Dry Kaveri engine it will be able to cruise at high subsonic speeds near Mach numbers.

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