Kalyani Group has confirmed that they are working on an Ultra-Light Howitzer which they call ” Super Ultra-Light Howitzer ” incorporating hybrid recoil technology which will bring, the weight of the gun to just 3.2 tons. Super ULH can be towed just like regular Howitzers in the battlefield position or can be moved in dismantled condition, which can be also be easily airlifted by helicopter, or dropped by parachute.

With nearly half the weight of M777 towed howitzers and it’s very own Mountain Artillery Gun (MArG) which weights just 5 tons, Super ULH will allow mobility which Indian Army wants since they can be moved around with the help of all-terrain 6×6 Field Artillery Tractor military trucks.

Kalyani Group has not revived many details of the Super ULH but it seems they are working on a 105mm system which is lightweight and low recoil enough to fit onto smaller vehicles, including commercial pickup trucks which can serve with Army’s light infantry regiments. Use of Lightweight, mobile artillery systems could also be a requirement for India’s Cold Start doctrine where Strike corps ingress into enemy territory in a short duration and moving of larger and bigger Howitzers might turn difficult in short span of time which Cold Start doctrine requires.

Super Ultra-Light Howitzer should be ready for OEM flied trials in the next two years but it will be interesting to see if, the Indian Army has any interest in the system itself.


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