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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) proposed Super Sukhoi upgrade program will not involve the upgradation of its engine as reported in some media outlets. HAL-IAF are not considering swapping current AL-31F engines with engines from the FGFA program like the “izdeliye 30” engine or AL-41F-1 (izdeliye 117) engines.

Russia in 2017 had offered India to swap AL-31F engines with AL-41F-1 engines as an upgrade to its engine performance, higher Mean time between failures (MTBF) and better fuel efficiency but that was rejected due to additional cost involved in setting up engine infrastructure and procurement costs.

Russian Air Force which operates Su-30SM2 which is based on the Indian Twin-Seater Su-30MKI airframe has now upgraded their fleet with AL-41F-1 engines to maintain commonality with its Su-35 fleet which also has the same engine.

India long back had decided against swapping engines on the then Indo-Russian proposed Super Sukhoi upgrade program that now will be executed by Indian state-owned HAL without Russian assistance. India is planning to execute the Super Sukhoi upgrade program locally in the country due to ongoing economic sanctions on the Russian Military Industry Complex that make it difficult for India to have direct military deals with them.

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