India has issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) for a launch of an experimental flight vehicle in the Bay of Bengal for the period from 24 Sept – 01 Oct 2020 as per information provided by Twitter user @detresfa_. Speculations are that Two Sukhoi-30MKI will be involved in carrying out trials of newly acquired long-range BVRAAMs against Target drones.

Last month Su-30 MKI of the Indian Air Force (IAF) operating from Kalaikunda (KKD) Air Force Base, test-fired a newly integrated French MICA Infrared seeker equipped beyond visual range air to air missile for the first time and also newly acquired RVV-SD BVRAAMs from Russia. IAF plans to test again RVV-SD and R-27ET1 BVRAAMs to validate upgraded missiles systems for the first time. was told that 300 RVV-MD, 400 RVV-SD, and 300 mix of R-27ET1 and R-27ER1 had been ordered and some of the consignment has started arriving from Russia in special aircraft after India requested early deliveries. India is also looking to arm locally developed Astra Mk1 BVRAAM and Israeli Derby-ER BVRAAMs on its Sukhoi-30MKI fleet and LCA-Tejas MK1A fleet next.

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