Reportedly, A Twitter handle on the Sudanese Armed Forces has claimed that the Indian-made Akash Air defense system is in service with the Sudanese Air Defense Forces a picture posted by it shows a scale model of the same that it claims was displayed at a military exhibition of the Sudanese Army.

Sudanese Armed Forces have been listed as one of the operators of the Soviet-era SA-2 Guideline Surface to air missile, 9K33 Osa mobile air defense systems along with light man-portable air defense systems like Soviet 9K32 Strela-2 and Chinese FB-6A mobile air defense systems.

Akash Air defense system has been offered to many countries in the past but it is yet to find its first export customer and the export of the missile system without the press getting wind of it is highly unlikely. But showcasing the Akash Air defense system in a military exhibition of the Sudanese Army might hint at the possibility of the missile being considered by the military or talks have concluded but not officially announced yet.

Akash is a short-range Air defense system that has 96% indigenous content and has been inducted into service by both Indian Army and the Indian Air force. Akash has a range of 25-30 kilometers that can simultaneously engage multiple targets in a group or autonomous mode, features built-in electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) features, and is highly mobile.

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