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The UK has merged its Tempest program with Italy and Japan for the sixth-generation fighter jet that will now be called as Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) that aims to redefine the critical components of the aircraft’s physical controls with augmented-reality and virtual-reality (AR and VR) systems.

The consortium that will develop 6th generation fighter jets has agreed that systems and subsystems that will be developed under this program like engines, radars, and defensive aids will be offered to India, Korea, Taiwan, and possibly Indonesia, which are all working to develop their aircraft and which could incorporate subsystems used in the Global Air System.

GCAP will be offered to countries that are interested in the jet as a whole and will also offer systems and sub-systems that some of the countries might want to incorporate in their 5th and 6th generation fighter jet programs.

GCAP project aims to have a supersonic demonstrator set to first fly in 2027 but a full design and a highly capable next-generation fighter jet, with have its first flight scheduled for 2035 which will connect with uncrewed aerial systems and equipped with advanced sensors, cutting-edge weapons, and innovative data systems.

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