Indian Air force will soon be clearing procurement of the DARE’s state-of-the-art Digital Radar Warning Receiver DR118 for the entire Sukhoi-30 platform after successful completion of the program onboard the upgraded Mig-29UPG fleet. Integration of the Digital DR-118 radar warning receiver was planned under the ‘Super Su-30 project’ that was planned to reinforce the current capabilities of the aircraft without making any changes to the airframe and would be executed by HAL in collaboration with the Defence Research and Development Organisation and Sukhoi Aviation Company.

With no headway in the ‘Super Sukhoi’ program, IAF has decided to go and head and replace the older 3rd Gen Analog Indigenous Radar Warning Receiver with a New Six-Channel Digital Radar Warning Receiver that not only offers a wide dynamic range and large bandwidth but also offers very good sensitivity, selectivity, and wideband instantaneous bandwidth at the same time.

DRDO had started testing DR-118 RWR from 2018 onwards and was found to be not interfering with the Russian SAP-518 jammer pod that Moscow supplied with the Su-30MKI. Older RWR was not properly interfacing with the SAP-518 jammer pod due to which it was causing multiple issues.

Under the ‘Super Sukhoi’ Program, Plans were to upgrade and integrate indigenously developed avionics including Uttam AESA Fire Control Radar, an upgraded mission computer, a new-generation InfraRed Search and Track sensor, larger touch-based smart MFDs, and an EW suite with DARE’s High Band Jammer (HBJ) and digital DR-118 radar warning receiver, but it now looks like this will happen in much smaller levels in phases to reduce huge upgrade costs.

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