India test-launched Indigenous Technology Cruise Missile (ITCM) with a new GTRE developed Small Turbo Fan Engine (STFE) that develops a 450 kgf thrust class, while the ITCM flew for very short range since the focus of the latest trial was to gauge the performance of the new engine performance and it has been said that the turbofan engine performed well. ITCM flew only for 150km that is just 15% of its actual range but DRDO has plans to put the ITCM and the STFE through their paces with more trials that have been planned later this year and next year. has been told that two more trials have been planned where the focus will be to validate the turbofan engine performance further. The next trial will be planned will be of its full range and one more will be to demonstrate its ability to fly at Low-level flying while navigating to multiple waypoints. Once STFE performance is validated then it will clear the path for the development trial of the Air launched ITCM that has been planned for the Indian Air Force (IAF) to be tested in 2022-23 to supplement supersonic BrahMos-A.

DRDO has plans to develop Submarine Launched ITCM but with a much longer range for the Indian Navy’s Project-75I and New SSN Nuclear Attack Submarine Program. The two-stage ICTM is built on the technology that was developed for India’s first indigenously built Nirbhay cruise missile. ITCM has many newer technologies including locally developed turbofan engine STFE.

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