Squadron Leader Minty Aggarwal while speaking to TIMES NOW laughed when asked about the claim from across the border that Pakistani F-16 shot down a Su-30 belonging to IAF. Aggarwal said I had whole Radar picture of the area with me and ” All Our Sukhois are with Us, Didn’t lose any ” and dismissed any claims of PAF about Second Kill that day.

Squadron Leader Minty Aggarwal who is 8-year Veteran of Indian Air Force was on duty on 27th February when 24 Mixed Pakistani fighter formation decided to launch strikes on Indian military installations in Indian side of the Kashmir. Aggarwal was Fighter controller on the operations room and was instrumental in the positioning of the Mig-21 which was flown by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman to the Nowshera sector which were position of three PAF F-16s, one of which was shot down by R-73 Close Combat Missile.

Aggarwal confirmed that she had told Abhinandan to turn back after he crossed Line of Control after his F-16 kill, and also saw him being shot down by second F-16 flying in the vicinity. When asked if he heard her, she said she was not sure about it, Indian media reports indicate that his communications were jammed by Pakistani F-16s and as soon after his ejection he landed on the ground he asked aggressively approaching locals if he was in Pakistani side.

Aggarwal also said ” This is because of Training and competency that an older but Upgraded Mig-21Bis was able to shoot down Pakistani F-16 ” Aggarwal was also credited for hiding Mig-21 flown by Abhinandan by terrain masking in the cluster of mountain terrain that he was able to come close to Pakistani formation without been detected to fire a close in air-to-air missile, even while PAF F-16s focused and tried their best to shoot down an Single Su-30 flown at a distance by a volley of AMRAAM launches.

Wing Commander Muhammad Noman Ali Khan who was credited with Mig-21 Kill flown by Abhinandan was recently awarded ” Sitara-I-Jurat ” which is the third-highest military award of Pakistan, while Squadron Leader Hassan Mahmood Siddiqui who was credited with Alleged Su-30 Kill was also awarded Tamgha-i-Jurat which is the fourth highest military award of Pakistan. The highest award for a pilot who shot down a 40-year-old Mig-21 and a lower military award to pilot with alleged Su-30 kill shows that even many in Pakistani Air Force are not sure of the Su-30 Kill claimed by its pilot who is alleged by Indian side was the pilot of ill-fated F-16 shot down by the Abhinandan.

IAF had claimed that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman had shot down an F-16 Dual Seat Variant which had two men crew and it also matches with the claims made by DG ISPR of Pakistani military who initially claimed that they had three pilots in their custody and one with serious injuries was admitted to Combined Military Hospital. Second Pilot reportedly died after he was trashed by Pakistani locals for mistaken being Indian pilot due to tricolor parachute used by Lockheed Martin F-16.

DG ISPR of Pakistani military initially had credited its JF-17 Pilots and had said F-16s were not part of the attack formations but once India showcased AMRAAM debris which had self-destructed on India side of Kashmir after losing track of its target, it backtracked and confirmed use of F-16s. IAF later backed its claim by showing AWACS Evidence of Pakistani F-16 blip disappearing over radar while Pakistan is yet to show any evidence of its alleged Su-30 Kill.

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