According to latest Intel reports, spooked Pakistani Army post-Balakot airstrike by IAF, is still positioned nearly 400 armored vehicles out of which nearly 300 are said to be Main Battle tanks composing of T-80U and Al-Khalid Brigade stationed at strategically vital Shakargarh bulge that had witnessed key battles in 1965 and 1971.

According to previous imagery of the area, Nasr short-range missile, along with support vehicles were found to be located at Rahwali Cantonment near Gujranwala which could have also stationed low-yield nukes in a bid to forestall Indian advances across the border.

300 Main Battle tanks are at least 70 km from the international border and 100 km from both Amritsar and Jammu in an area known as Shakargarh bulge which is a vital link to Jammu and Kashmir, with the National Highway passing close to the border.

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