Despite signing a long-term agreement with Russia for the supply of spare parts and the rendering of technical assistance, the recent Russia-Ukraine war could affect supplies of spare parts and could attribute to a decreased availability rate, and even grounding of some squadrons as per reliable information provided to

At present, just over 60 percent of India’s Su 30 fleet are available for combat missions as the rest are either undergoing repairs or grounded due to delays in the supply of spare parts with disturbed supply chain and economic sanctions around transactions with Russia could only aggregate these issues and the fleet availability rate might plummet below 50 percent in coming weeks.

IAF has carryout inventory management of all the spares and supplies that are required to keep the Su-30MKI fleet up and might suggest ways to reduce consumption of the wearable parts but if supplies are not restored soon then the possibility of reduced flying hours might be enforced while already grounded planes might be cannibalized for spares to be later restored in flying condition.

Things are yet to reach any extreme conditions yet, but the prolonging of the war by Russia might have some adverse effects on the Su-30MKI fleet in the coming weeks.

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