The Indian Army plans to upgrade its BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles (ICVs) will all Indian upgrade packages that will see the first-time induction of capabilities such as see-through armor and panoramic commander sights. Indian Army which operates nearly 2000 of the BMP-2 ICVs that were licensed and produced in India for decades has been closely watching the performance of these ICVs in the recent Ukraine war.

BMP-2 has shown some remarkable ability to take hits from Western-supplied anti-armor supplies but the system is aging and won’t survive long on a modern battlefield to enhance its firepower Indian BMP-2 ICV fleet will be getting a modern fire-control system, and an automatic target tracker.

BMP-2 ICVs that were night blind finally will be getting see-through armor that has been developed by Indian Private sector companies that not only provide 360-degree coverage of the battlefield but also allow the crew to work even in pitch dark. The advantage of this Indian-made see-through armor is that it has been tailor-made as per Indian Army requirements by three different companies and works as expected under Indian ambiance conditions much better than imported ones as informed to

The biggest tech upgrade for the 800 BMP-2 ICVs will come with capabilities to integrate and operate anti-armor loitering munitions that can be used to take out heavily fortified command posts or even attack advancing troops. The development of anti-armor loitering munition is already under work with Indian Private sector companies and equipping them with such sophisticated suicide drones for offensive and defensive capabilities will only enhance their ability to survive in the modern warzone.

Upgraded BMP-2 ICVs will be a precursor to what will be is expected in the Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) program that the Indian Army will be developing with Indian defense PSUs and Private sector companies to replace the older lot of BMP-2 ICVs that have completed their technical life.

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