South Korea recently unveiled the development of a supersonic cruise missile to improve its maritime defense capabilities. Photo, provided by the defense ministry, shows South Korea’s new supersonic cruise missile that has a stark resemblance back home to India’s BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

A screengrab shows that the missile is powered by a solid propellant boost motor with a liquid-fueled ramjet sustainer motor while Koreans have remained mum on the spec sheet of the missile but it is said that the new missile will make it very difficult for enemy warships to respond, leading to the missile’s higher survivability and destructive power.

Indo-Russian collab with south Koreans can be ruled but the similarities do indicate that Koreans might have studied BrahMos to a great extent and might have come with their technologies. South Korea not only faces threats from the North but also from the Chinese fleet and it could be a wise decision to go for a supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise missile that is way harder to intercept than the sub-sonic Anti-Ship Cruise missile. It is still not clear if South Korean supersonic AShM can hit sustained speeds of above 2.5 Mach like BrahMos that which makes it un-interceptable by modern Air defense systems installed on all modern warships.

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