The official rendering of the AMCA provided by the ADA seems to highlight some of the impressive and not-so-impressive features that we might see at least on the prototypes or the Mk1 version of the aircraft that will go into the initial batch that will go into the production. The above image highlights some of these features.

Integrated boarding ladder: first seen on F-15 and later carried also on F-35, integral ladders allow the fleet to operate out of forward or dispersed airfields with limited logistical support. AMCA will feature it that confirms that IAF wants to operate them from a forward airbase where it’s not based to keep logistics support minimum.

Laser designator pod (LDP): LDP seen on air-intake pylon confirms that AMCA won’t be coming with an Electro-Optical Targeting System type system from the very start and will feature such a system at later stages most likely in Mk2.

Fixed or Retractable refueling probe: What seems to be a fixed or semi Retractable refueling probe on the aircraft and not a fully integrated one.

IRST: Infrared search and track (IRST) system just above the nose near the cockpit confirms that at least the prototype will not feature DAS (Distributed Aperture System) EODAS sensor to provide threat detection and 360-degree situational awareness to the pilot.

Front opening canopy configuration: After F-35, and J-35, AMCA will be the third 5th generation fighter jet that will feature Front opening canopy configuration, In this report, it has been explained in detail possible reasons why it was adopted.