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Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal, Chairman of Solar Industries India, in an interview confirmed that the company has been granted permission to manufacture a Hard kill system that will be a world first since it will be integrating both laser system and surface-to-air missile systems to take out unmanned aerial vehicles

According to Nuwal, the system will be ready in the next two years, while he said the present Hardkill solutions against drones are only Laser Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), they have opted for are taking best from the both worlds and are developing hardkill solutions that can use DEW and also quick response interceptor missiles.

Hardkill solution that solar group is working on is a modular Anti Drone system that can be used as a stationary or mobile configuration that can be used against Hostile drones which are one of the fastest growing threats, posing serious security concerns. Incidents of terror, crime, swarm, and autonomous drone attacks are dramatically increasing worldwide.

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