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Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal, Chairman of Solar Industries India, in an interview, said that the company had sent proposals for developing 15 Make in India weapons systems under the Make 2 category that is essentially industry-funded projects involving design, development, and innovative solutions by Indian vendors for development of prototypes.

Nuwal confirmed that the company has been given go head to develop at least two weapons systems for the Indian Armed forces, for which funding will be coming from the company itself as it’s from the Make 2 project of around 300 cores. while it has received positive feedback and inquiries on the other 13 projects that the company is eager to work on.

Solar Group is working on a very long guided rocket program under which it plans to develop Maheshwarastra 1 and Maheshwarastra 2 guided rockets that will have a range of 150km and 290km that the company chairman claims will be ready in 18 months. The second program company is working on is to develop a hybrid hardkill system to take out Drones and UAVs using a DEW ( directed-energy weapon (DEW) and Small range Interceptor missiles, which the company claims will be the world’s first such system that will be ready in 2 years.

The company is also actively working to develop loitering munitions and payloads for the UAVs and Swarm drone programs in the country.

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