Nadeem Riyaz, President of the Institute of Regional Studies, a Pakistani military-backed think-tank based in Islamabad in a seminar on Kashmir has said that only annexation of Kashmir to Pakistan could heal the wounds of the separation of Eastern Pakistan in 1971. Riaz said the Modi regime in India was trying to change the demographic pattern which he called a War Crime.

He opined that the imposition of “New Domicile Laws” would affect the Muslim majority of Kashmir adversely. He also said that Pakistan must plead the cause of Kashmir at the UNSC, Under Article 13(b) of ICC, which empowers the UNSC to refer a crime to the prosecutor of the ICC.

Riaz also backed the armed conflict in Kashmir and said that removal of the Articles 370 and 35-A of the Indian Constitution changes the legal status of the region that allows Pakistan to intervene if the world doesn’t reverse Indian action in the region.

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