French publication “Mediapart” in its report has said that a small Indian defense company was awarded 1.1 million Euros by aviation major Dassault for the supply and manufacturing of 50 large replica models of Rafale jets that were to be gifted. It is estimated that Dassault paid €20000 per unit cost for a possible 1:4 scale model of the Rafale fighter jet, one that has been installed outside the official residence of the Indian Air Force (IAF) chief. It is still not clear where the other 49 scaled-down models of the Rafale fighter jet were put up for display but cost alone does raise several eyebrows so we contracted few companies that make scale models to get an idea of the pricing. was told that the scale model price depends on the material used and the quality of the work that is requested by the client. a Plastic molded 1:8 scale model of the Rafale fighter jet from a reputed scale model manufactures could cost anywhere between $2000-3000 per unit if the details have to be precise as the jets that the cost could touch $4000. looking at the scale model of the Rafale that is installed outside of the air chief residence we were told it was probably was a scale of 1:4 or 1:3, that is scale terms means it is bigger than the 1:8 scale model and probably will cost nearly twice at $8000 per unit.

Companies we contacted only manufacture scale models that are usually made out of Plastic molds but one that is placed outside the house of the IAF chief going by the metal holding case and installation does look like is all metal that is possibly a 1:4 scale model of the Rafale fighter jet that should cost upwards of $10000 per unit, depending on the workmanship. Commercial Scale model manufacturers to cut costs often use full plastic in smaller models and in large models they often use wood and plastic to make them lighter and cheap.

The remote control model of 1:4 scale of popular fighter jets like F-16 costs $15000 per unit but that too is largely made of plastic to keep the weight down since Remote Control model are often powered by microjet turbines that can’t lift heavier plane made of metals. but the figures discussed are on the lower side, has been told there are 1/3 scale models of the F-18 fighter jets often powered by a twin-turbine that cost up to $35,000. Expensive RC models are usually made with fiberglass and carbon composite, but they do exist RC models that cost up to even $70,000, that are often purpose manufactured to enter in RC modeling competitions

1:4 scale model of the Rafale fighter jet are not a remote control model so they don’t have the working of the microjet turbines nor has controls that are required to fly them but they do look like they are all-metal construction and precision of the scaled model is also of good quality but, will anyone pay €20000 for them? .Did Dassault overpaid for this scale model that report claims was made in France ?. Were 50 scale mode of Rafale given to India has a gift?. since the company that got this contract is allegedly owned by the individual, who is already in custody of the Enforcement Directorate for €70 million bribes being paid in the Agusta Westland case, matter should be investigated with authentic papers.

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