India’s private sector rocket maker Skyroot Aerospace will fly its rocket Vikram-S with three payloads from ISRO’s rocket port Sriharikota. Vikram-S rocket, a single-stage sub-orbital launch vehicle will be carrying a satellite made by the Bazoomq Space Research Lab based in Yerevan, Armenia.

Bazoomq has been working on a CubeSat format satellite to conduct a scientific experiment and the same will likely be launched from the Vikram-S Rocket. Space Kidz India, an Indian Aerospace Startup pioneering in the design, fabrication, and launch of small satellites, spacecraft, and ground Systems is the second customer of the Vikram-S Rocket.

N Space Tech India Pvt ltd, an Indian space startup that is working on 1U CubeSat and Pico Satellite for educational purposes is the third customer for the Vikram-S Rocket.

With this maiden mission, Skyroot Aerospace is set to become the first private space company in India to launch a rocket into space, heralding a new era for the space sector which was recently opened up to facilitate private sector participation.

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