Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s minister has recently made a statement that he has become a part of the headlines. This time once again Sheikh Rashid has said something that will leave you with no sense. In fact, Imran’s minister Sheikh Rashid has spoken of India’s conspiracy behind Pakistan’s blackout. He has accused India of going to power in Pakistan last Saturday night.

Sheikh Rashid recently said, “India cut off Pakistan’s power so that the world’s attention could be removed from the farmers ‘ agitation there. Well, let us also tell you that in Pakistan, electricity has gone together in many cities. As soon as this news came, Pakistan became a topic of discussion all over the world. Even on Twitter, #blackout began to trend and began to see the meme. It is reported that the technical snag is about 11 in the night. At 41 hrs, entire Pakistan, including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi, sank into darkness.

However, a blackout across Pakistan has also been completed in January 2015. Briefing about the blackout this time, Pakistan’s energy ministry wrote on Twitter: “The frequency of the power transmission system suddenly fell from 50 to 0 due to countrywide blackouts. Further, it has also been reported from the Ministry that ” some technical difficulty occurred all over the country at around 11.30 am. ‘