Official Verified Twitter account of the Baloch Republican Party, has claimed recently tested Shaheen 3 missile by Pakistan Army that was declared successful, and was fired from Rakhi area of Dera Ghazi Khan has landed at a civil populated area of Dera Bugti’s Matt region. Baloch Republican Party claimed that Security forces had evacuated all their posts in the area last night, but the missile was detonated in the presence of civilians in the area. The blast completely destroyed many houses and injured several people.

Dera Bugti’s Matt region falls in the corridor notification issued for a ballistic missile test in the fire Window for 19-20 Jan 2021 by the Pakistan Authorities for the missile test. It is not the first time Pakistani medium-range ballistic missile, has fallen over the village. In 1998, Ghauri–I ballistic missile had fallen in a small-town Pakistan village because the missile’s conic nose melted due to a tremendous amount of heat during the re-entry phase of its flight.

Pakistan back then also had claimed it was a successful trial only to revel years later of not so successful test after images of missile debris surfaced online. Going by the distance measured from the test site to the alleged area missile had crash-landed, it looks like a first stage failure of the missile.

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