Skyroot Aerospace became the first India’s space sector start-up to successfully launch the Vikram-S rocket, which reached an altitude of 89.5 km. But Chennai-based Agnikul Cosmos is not far behind and is set to test its Agnibaan-1 rocket in a suborbital flight sometime next month.

Srinath Ravichandra, the co-founder of Agnikul, told API that they plan to carry out the first launch of Agnibaan before the end of this year Earlier this month, Agnikul received flight termination system from the Indian Space Research Organization, the first-ever such transfer for a launch vehicle developed by the private sector.

Agnikul instead of using ISRO’s launch facility has developed “Dhanush” – the launch pedestal – to support full mobility across all configurations of Agnibaan. Dhanush was built and conceived as a separate product that enables the process of launching to be reliable and repeatable with consistency.