Sea trials of the INS Vikrant aka Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC-I) that were supposed to have begun in the first half of this year will likely commence by October when rainy seasons in the southern part of the country start receding. According to a report prepared by the NewIndianExpress, delays were largely due to the second wave of the CCP Virus situation in the country that led to delays in the movement of the manpower from the Navy and other equipment manufacturers that supplied systems for the IAC-1.

Various lockdowns in the states and Travel and Visa restrictions also contributed to delays in the sea trials. INS Vikrant has completed its Basin trials last year in November and Sea trials were to start before the onset of the monsoon but that coincided with the arrival of the second wave of the CCP Virus in the country.

Sea trials are the last phase of each warship to ensure the overall safety of the ship, the crew and to demonstrate proper operation of the main and auxiliary machinery, including monitoring, alarm, and safety. INS Vikrant already has been incorporated with its weapon systems and Once the sea trials of the INS Vikrant are completed it will start air operations trials by the landing of the Mig-29K carrier-borne fighter jets.

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