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7 Base Repair Depot (BRD) has completed work on the refurbishment of Russian-supplied air-to-air missiles like R-27, R-73, and RVV-AE (R-77) missiles that now can be used as part of an Air defense system called SAMAR. 7BRD is now capable of the refurbishment of gyro stabilization coordinator assembly, electronic circuit, and klystron with waveguide assembly in this missile that is given them new lease of life to be used as Surface launched Interceptor missiles.

Russian-supplied Air to Air missiles generally have a very limited flight shelf life and are prone to malfunction increasing risk to the safety of the pilot and aircraft they are flying. Refurbishment of this missile fixes many of the problematic issues and brings back its effectiveness but to avoid possible safety hazards it was decided to turn them into a low-cost Air Defence System to get rid of existing inventory in a better way that has completed their flight shelf life. has been told that IAF has no plans to use the existing stock of Russian air-to-air missiles that are meant for the fighter jets but to use this Refurbished missile to better use and limited units induction has been planned. SAMAR Air defense system is a joint program of the 7BRD and 11 BRD with private sector partner Simran Flowtech Industries.

SAMAR Air defense system already has been tested several times with Russian air-to-air missiles configured for surface-to-air interception roles and has been found effective against low and slow-flying targets.

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