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After failing to clear technical trials of the now canceled MMRCA Tender due to fielding a Technological Demonstrator of the Gripen-NG instead of the production-ready aircraft, SAAB now hopes that Gripen-E in its production variant will not only clear technical trials of the upcoming MRFA tender but also be in the last few contenders that will be invited to discuss price negotiations.

16.5-ton Gripen-E that will be in direct competition with India’s LCA AF Mk2 aircraft which is a 17.5-ton aircraft but SAAB is unfazed and has said that Gripen-E will complement the Mk2 fleet if selected for the MRFA Tender.

Saab officials are ready to provide capability enhancement that will enable better interoperability between Gripen-E and Mk2 since both MRFA winner and Mk2 will form the backbone of the IAF in the next 10-15 years.

Saab also has offered its help in setting up a production line and other services not only for the Gripen-E but also for India’s 5th generation AMCA program.

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