India’s third nuclear-powered submarine which was quietly launched last year without much fanfare and was sported multiple times on satellite imaginaries going through its final integration at the fitting out dock will be heading for sea trials from mid of 2023 as per information provided to

S4 is based on the Arihant-class design with an additional 1000-Ton plug that makes it longer than its predecessor (S2 and S3). S4 is the first submarine that will have an enhanced pressurized water reactor (83 MW) that is optimized for higher output.

Once S4 moves out of the fitting-out dock it is expected that its twin-sister S4* (Star) will move out of the Dry docks and into the fitting-out dock for its final integration of systems and reactor going critical in phases.

S4 ad S4* will complete the Second Phase of India’s Nuclear Ballistic submarine program as the program will move to the third phase that will see the development of the S5 class of submarines that will be twice bigger and longer than the S2 class of submarines that will operate K5 SLBM with a range of 5000km and K6 SLBM with a range of 8000km.

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