India’s third Nuclear submarine-ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) S4 was again seen in satellite imaginaries by the latest report prepared by the Janes Intel where it seems it is ready to begin sea trials that the Navy plans to commence from 2022 onwards. Earlier this year in March, was first to report about a new submarine cover that was seen at Vizag which was 40m longer than the previous submarine cover that was used for Arihant class submarines, which confirmed for the first time that S4 had moved out of dry docks at Ship Building Center in Visakhapatnam to Fitting out dock.

Fitting out dock is usually the place where vital interior works like installation of periscopes and other equipment for the comfort of the crew are carried out and slowly the nuclear reactor goes critical and begins operating with its internal power where power generation is gradually increased in phases before it is ready for harbor and sea trials.

S4 along with its sister class S4* (Star) are stretched Arihant Class submarines that have 7000-ton submerged displacements that are 1000 tons more than the Arihant class submarine. The stretched section on S4 and S4* (Star) allows it to carry more ballistic missiles (SLBMs) and will be the first to feature K5 SLBM that has a range of over 5000km.

S4 next to S3

S4* (Star) will be moved to Fitting out dock sometime in 2022 and will be ready for sea trials in 2023 onwards before it is cleared for induction. Post completion of work on S4* (Star), the Indian Navy has plans to start construction of S5 Class of submarines that are nearly double the size of the S4 class submarines and have a 13000-ton displacement.

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