The Ambassador of Spain to India, José María Ridao Domínguez speaking to the media has confirmed that Spanish state-owned shipbuilding company, Navantia is in the race for the supply of six next generations under the P75(I) project for which it is offering S80 plus, only submarine in the world that has a displacement of 3000 ton and has proven AIP system. Domínguez said that the submarine offered to India will not only meet its requirements but also exceed its requirements and is the closest among all shortlisted competitors.

S80 plus meets surface displacement requirements set by the Indian Navy as India is looking for a submarine that has a displacement of 3000 tons, Koreans have pitched their DSME-3000 which is an export variant of the KSS-III, which also has a 3000-ton displacement that is also equipped with lithium-ion batteries and a fuel-cell powered AIP system.

Germans that are likely to re-enter the race soon have offered Type 212CD Plus class submarine that has a displacement of 2500 tons but on offer to India will have an additional plug so that it can cater to VLS system requirement that will place the submarine in the same league as S80 plus and DSME-3000 in terms of surface displacement.

S-80 Plus-class submarines have a full load displacement of 3,200 tons, a total length of 81.05 m (265.9 ft), a beam of 11.68 m (38.3 ft), and a draught of 6.20 m (20.3 ft). With a cruising speed of 12 knots, the S-80 Plus-class submarines offer a range of 8,000 nm. The submarine can accommodate 32 personnel (plus 8 troops) and is equipped with 6 × 533 mm torpedo tubes with DM2A4 torpedoes and Harpoon missiles.

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