Colonel Oleksandr “Grey Wolf” Oksanchenko, a Ukrainian Air Force Flanker pilot lost his life when his Su-27 was shot down in Kyiv by Russian forces but the Air defense system in question was an S-400 system that was deployed in the Belarus southern border in Gomel Region near the Ukrainian border but it is estimated that the missiles could have covered nearly 150km before knocking down the Su-27 over Kyiv.

S-400 system consists of 400 km (40N6E missile) 250 km (48N6 missile) 120 km (9M96E2 missile) 40 km (9M96E missile) Interceptor missiles family and Russia had not deployed its 40N6E missile batteries and rather it was 48N6 missile that might have played a role in taking down Su-27 that was over 150km, confirming first kill for the S-400 system in the battle.

India on the other hand might be much delighted by the first combat kill of the S-400 in the war and particularly because the Indian S-400 Air defense system missile procured are made of only two Interceptor missiles of 400 km (40N6E missile) 250 km (48N6 missile) rather than that of four missiles in the family. as per media reports first S-400 deployment is taking place in Punjab at a key airbase that will not only protect the base from hostile air raids but also will provide air coverage to other bases in the vicinity.

On the other hand Pakistani air force officials will not be liking what they are hearing of the S-400 knocking out Su-27 nearly 150km away, this has serious implications for the Pakistani airbase that is within range of 48N6 missiles, while few that are deep can be taken care by 40N6E missile, but Pakistani military think tank have hinted that they will be relying on sub-sonic cruise missile barrage to take out most of the S-400 Batteries before attempting any air raids but this also be highly effective when both countries are on full-fledged war mode and not while they are having small border skirmishes that could prevent them from trying to take out S-400 systems which could break into full-scale war.

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