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State-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) will be having talks with Russia to procure 12 more Sukhoi-30MKI kits for the Indian Air Force (IAF) also on the sidelines will be discussing Super Sukhoi upgrade proposal for which it will seek blanket permission from the OEM to carry out upgrades on the entire fleet of Su-30MKI operated by IAF with Indian made equipment and systems. has been told by sources in the Rosoboronexport, that Russia is keen that the Indian Sukhoi-30 upgrade program has some of its systems and equipment that are part of the SM2 upgrade that was carried out on the Russian Su-30SM fighter jets. SM shares a baseline airframe with Indian Su-30MKI but as part of its upgrades, Russia has swapped older AL-31F engines with the AL-41F-1S engine, which is also used in the Su-35S and is keen that India swaps older AL-31F engines with the AL-41F-1S engine for its Su-30 upgrade program.

AL-41F-1S engine when compared to AL-31F offers 16% more full post-combustion. In addition, it reduces the cost of maintenance, by doubling the interval between revisions, now reaching 4 thousand hours. Other improvements and plasma ignition made it more efficient, reducing its fuel consumption.

The Su-30SM2s will receive the latest integrated multi-channel communication, data exchange, navigation, and identification (OSNOD) system, developed for the Su-57. India’s HAL has planned comprehensive all-Indian systems and subsystems upgrade package for around 150 Su-30MKIs to keep them technologically relevant till 2040.

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