Speaking at a media briefing at the 2019 LIMA exhibition in Langkawi, Russian officials have confirmed that the Russian Government is set to clear export of the Sukhoi Su-57 PAK FA fifth-generation fighter aircraft to many prospective customers like India and to countries in the middle east and Asia.

Su-57E (Export) could be officially unveiled at the Dubai Air Show in November 2019 and middle eastern countries seem to be the prime focus of Russian officials but India and China are other two long term allies of Russia who will be offered the aircraft. Russia already has closed a deal for 24 Su-35 with China and Su-35 is also offered under India’s tender for 114 fighter jets and Russians officials believe both countries will gradually warm up to Su-57E in near future.

Last year, India pulled out of Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) Program which it has planned to develop with Russia based on Su-57 aircraft but had promised that Su-57 will be reconsidered when it is ready for export as an off the shelf purchase in a government to government deal.

India is concentrating on the development of local fighter jet programs like Tejas Mk1A, Medium Weight Fighter (MWF), and 5th Generation AMCA fighter jet program which post 2040 will make up over 50% of the inventory of Indian Air Force and will replace all aging jets like Mig-21, Mig-29, Mirage-2000 and Jaguars.

Recently India has been offered by the United Kingdom to join their 6th Generation Tempest stealth fighter aircraft program as partner country which will fund and also produce this jets locally in the country if ever Indian Government agrees to join the program .



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