Pakistani Ordinance Factory will send 159 containers of 155 mm projectiles, M4A2 propelling bag charges, M82 primers, and PDM fuses to Ukraine via Poland in the coming weeks, defying Russian requests for ammunition in exchange for assistance from Western countries in resupplying some of its Western military equipment.

Russia has previously sold Pakistan military helicopters such as the Mi-17 and Mi-35, as well as spare parts for their IL-78 aerial tanker. The RD-93 engine, designed by Russia’s Klimov design bureau specifically for the JF-17 Thunder, is still powering approximately 150 jets.

Pakistan was also under Western pressure to transfer 320 T-80D Main Battle Tanks purchased from Ukraine in the mid 1980s, but Pakistan is now asking Western countries to transfer Altay tanks manufactured in Turkey.

Lat year, a report claimed that Islamabad that is supposedly part of an air bridge for supplying weapons to Ukraine. It is apparently using defence suppliers and contractors operating in foreign countries to channel these shipments to Ukraine. The report revealed further that the UK is using Pakistan’s Noor Khan Airbase in Rawalpindi as a key base for the transportation of military equipment for the Ukrainian Army.